ZuperMarketList: A supermarket list app

This is not just yet another market list application, this is MY market list application. Yes, my new (and first) application for Android is almost ready.

In this first version of the app, you will can:
– Create a new list;
– Delete a list;
– Create a new list importing from an existing one;
– Change an item price and quantity;
– Sort the list (A-Z, Z-A, bought items first, unbought items first).

On newer versions you will can:
– Generate a report about how much you spend on the month;
– Assign a place where you bought those items from the list;
– Use a widget to quick see a list;
– Use the application on both portrait and landscape mode (yeap, currently not supported =/)
– Compare how much you paid for an item in another buy, when buying the current list;
– Add already registered items when creating a new list;
– Use tags for the items/lists/places;
– And much more (I hope).

Wait just some more time while I finish this first version.

Take a look on the current screenshots:

App first screen Creating a new list
Sometimes, you need to delete something... An opened list ;)