FL Studio 11 running on Linux (through Wine)

And FL Studio 11 runs pretty good on a Linux machine! Just installed with Wine, and it works out-of-box, without needing to configure anything additional (well, I already had DirectX installed here, I think it’s needed to properly running FL Studio).


There are just a minor delay on the audio output, nothing that can disturb you when creating sounds. Another drawback is the impossibility to use the ASIO4ALL sound driver. So, for the final mix, I prefer to use a Windows machine and render the output sound there.

Check this simple loop, rendered from this installation:



My first complete music, made with FL Studio. Don’t expect something amazing (I’m learning on my own). Basically, it’s an initial study on some features from the software, thus I didn’t use some vocal on this music…

I already have 2 more projects on the way, always studying how FL Studio works. One day, I’ll do something decent. Later I’ll study Ableton Live, Digidesign Pro Tools and, I hope, buy some keyboard controller.

For a best experience, please use earphones and run on HD quality

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/g2-2OEZJi4k&hd=1]