ZuperMarketList: A supermarket list app

This is not just yet another market list application, this is MY market list application. Yes, my new (and first) application for Android is almost ready.

In this first version of the app, you will can:
– Create a new list;
– Delete a list;
– Create a new list importing from an existing one;
– Change an item price and quantity;
– Sort the list (A-Z, Z-A, bought items first, unbought items first).

On newer versions you will can:
– Generate a report about how much you spend on the month;
– Assign a place where you bought those items from the list;
– Use a widget to quick see a list;
– Use the application on both portrait and landscape mode (yeap, currently not supported =/)
– Compare how much you paid for an item in another buy, when buying the current list;
– Add already registered items when creating a new list;
– Use tags for the items/lists/places;
– And much more (I hope).

Wait just some more time while I finish this first version.

Take a look on the current screenshots:

App first screen Creating a new list
Sometimes, you need to delete something... An opened list ;)

My zombie Lenovo G550 and bios update problem

I (for unknown reasons) resolved to update the bios, what gave me a lot of problems when it bricked my laptop =/. So, after 4 days on research (and some hours  to do a backup, when no hope was left), I tried a last alternative, that you can follow below, with my commentaries in yellow:

Replace the BIOS.WPH file with your notebook BIOS file, extracted from Lenovo BIOS update webpage. Rename your BIOS file to BIOS.WPH. — I got v2.53

1) Create the CRISIS disk using USB flash drive
2) Make sure your notebook is power off — I also removed the battery and the AC cable
3) Plug in the CRISIS disk to your Lenovo notebook
4) Press “Fn”+”R” key
5) While holding the “Fn”+”R” key — I inserted the AC now — , press power button
6) The notebook should power on and USB stick light showing activity
7) Stop pressing “Fn”+”R” key, after you see USB stick blinking LED
8) Your notebook should automatically restart with working BIOS in 2-3 minutes. — For me, I needed to put the battery again

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not take off your battery!! It seems that before flashing, it verify AC/DC connection and battery level. If one of them is not ok, then reflash is  stopped. — Yes, I know it now

😀 And now my lenovo g550 returns from the death o/

Thanks for My Digital Life forum, and you can get Wincris from this link (it contains the lenovo v2.53 bios that I used, but I recommed you to get it from the site, extract and override mine)

Off course, I do not give you a warranty that this method will work for you… just worked for me, and I’m happy by not having to call the service

Good luck!

Finalmente dando alguma atenção por aqui…

Após muito tempo, finalmente to dando uma atualizada por aqui. Muitas coisas aconteceram, mudei de emprego, casei… Esse é o ano! Também estou montando um servidor GIT pessoal que em breve disponibilizarei alguns projetos meus de forma pública, a fim de ajudar alguém, se esse alguém estiver interessado, hehe. Ah sim, também mudei o endereço deste blog. Agora é blog.thecoreme.org, sendo que os meus projetos podem ser facilmente acessados por projects.thecoreme.org. E acabei de uma vez com o The CoRE, afinal, estava sem tempo de manter ele mesmo…

Por hora é isso. Espero daqui alguns dias postar novidades e voltar a trabalhar em meus projetos, além de continuar estudando no meu mestrado, obviamente…

KWarBots – Colors, Collision Detection and More

This is a new video for my KDE game project, KWarBots. Here you can see some game objects/items with colors (the color can be changed on the map file, so it’s customizable when creating the map).

There the robot collides on this simple maze and always choose the left path to follow. It’s sufficient to demonstrate it for now.

If you are curious about the code to control the robot, it’s time to see this small piece of the robot code, used on this video:

#!/usr/bin/env kross
import sys
import Robot
def main():
  if (Robot.isMoving() == False):
  if (Robot.collided() == True):

Yes, it’s just it! And finally, the video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/i3nZmv7y1xw?hd=1]


My first complete music, made with FL Studio. Don’t expect something amazing (I’m learning on my own). Basically, it’s an initial study on some features from the software, thus I didn’t use some vocal on this music…

I already have 2 more projects on the way, always studying how FL Studio works. One day, I’ll do something decent. Later I’ll study Ableton Live, Digidesign Pro Tools and, I hope, buy some keyboard controller.

For a best experience, please use earphones and run on HD quality

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/g2-2OEZJi4k&hd=1]

KWarBots: Work-in-Progress

Yeah, KWarBots still alive, and I’m here with some news (although the game is not playable yet). I developed some objects to use on the game, that you can see a few examples below. Soon I’ll put here a new video of the game, after finishing some tasks, like loading the game objects from a Map object…

KWarBots: some image examples

1- BlockObject: a material that cannot be destroyed. This object accepts color variations on your declaration (according the Map file);The robot thumbnail

2- TerrainObject: general terrain (that can be used as a “background” on the BattleArea), like dirty, sand, grass… This object doesn’t accepts color variation;

3- TileObject: general tile, used as a background too, but it accepts color variations;

4- WallObject: a destructible wall. Your resistance varies according the Map file and accepts color variations too;

5- WaterObject: an animated object, that doesn’t accepts color variations;

6- RobotObject: the animated robot object.

All of these images (and another ones, that I’ll keep in secret by now ;)) were made using kolourpaint, with a non-isometric pixel art visual (I love it, but as you can see, I don’t know how to draw water :p) and packaged on svgz files with inkscape. I made a class that load the images from the svgz files and change your default color values, acccording to your behavior. As some of them can be loaded multiple times and used on another positions, I have added a simple caching scheme on the ImageLoader class.

So, now I must to improve the Map loading structure and create some colliding mechanism to create a new experience with KWarBots… Wait for the video soon 😀