Project ReTouch: First images

Welcome to my new project: ReTouch. The main idea of this project is to use a Meego device as a remote keyboard/touchpad device to control a Linux desktop over wifi or bluetooh.

For this, I’m using Qt4 (and on the future Qt5) to develop both the client and server sides of this application.


Main area

The client will just work on the Meego device (grabbing the gestures from a touch area and from a virtual keryboard) and send this information over a connection to the server part, who will be responsible to convert its input and perform these events on the machine.

The application running on the device (currently I’m testing on the QtCreator‘s simulator) is being developed using QtQuick (QML), as you can see on the screenshots:


Getting user input User touch areas


The server is the more complicated side, as its need to receive the client input and convert to the system signals to emulate real keyboard/mouse events. For this, I’ve done some tests using Xlib, with successful results.

By now, I’m finishing the client’s interface and starting capturing the virtual keyboard events (the touch ones are working well), and finishing projecting the basic connection protocol (its demand some security governance too).

So, stay tuned to future updates 🙂

KWarBots First View

This is the first view of my new game: KWarBots. What’s KWarBots? It’s a game where you can program a robot using Python Programming Language. The main goal of this game is for your fun, but for you education too, introducing the basics about some programming language. Initially, for the language, I would use the Turtle Scripting Language, but I saw that it was not a good idea… So, using Kross, I can run a script written on Python to control the robot.Oh, yes, the game uses KDE4 and QT4 as your base… You can now watch a simple movie showing the basic moving system programmed via a python script; prefer to watch in HQ mode to read the commands on the video.

Now I’m working on a Map class and a Image handling class to load maps and images from files… Soon you’ll can view more images/videos about the game, and with better graphics, of course…

And finally, as it was to be my GSoC 2009 proposal, you can read the original paper about the game, downloading it here.