Spotify + Alsa – (audio) Ads on Slackware

I’ve made some changes on a script I found on the internet these days to “remove” the audio ad when listening to Spotify on Linux (with the official Linux preview). The truth is, this script doesn’t remove the ad, just mute it (and all sound from Alsa on your computer), and unmutes when finished. Just it.

The original script uses PulseAudio to do the magic and let you play another song while the ad is “playing”. But as I hate PulseAudio and don’t want it installed on my system, I came with this “solution”. For me it’s working (Slackware-current 64 bits):

It requires Alsa, libnotify (for notify-send) and, of course, Spotify for Linux version (you can get the latest package for Slackware x86_64 here). Basically, the script starts spotify and waits 15 seconds to check if it is running and get its status via dbus. When it detects an ad, it mutes the Alsa master channel and unmutes when the ad finishes.

I saw that Alsa create a stream for Spotify, but I can’t get this information from command line. If you have some better solution that doesn’t involves PulseAudio, send a patch or comment about it on this post 😉

GMail Without Ads version 2.02 (finally :p)

This is a newer version of GMailWA, the (grasemonkey) script that allow you to remove GMail Ads. But still needing a better support to Opera an Chrome web browsers… :/

2.02 – Fixed quick link positioning
2.01 – Fixed some dependencies (like Create a document lab feature)
2.0   – Fixed the “right-side” labs features (chat and labels)
– Bumped to a new version
1.02 – Fixed the overriding problem with large subjects
1.01 – Thanks to kris7topher for fix the border on the right

You can get the new and fixed file on these links below

GMail Without Ads download script page